26th September 2008

Free with Issue 37 of the UK horror magazine GoreZone is my special limited edition 18-page booklet Friday the 13th Companion, which charts the evolution of the franchise from the original back in 1980 to the upcoming remake.  Featuring exclusive interviews with Harry Manfredini, Larry Zerner, Todd Farmer, Steve Miner, John Carl Buechler and many more, and an introduction by FX legend Tom Savini, this is a must for fans of Jason Voorhees.

Issue 37 will be available from the official website (www.gorezone.co.uk) and UK outlets on the 11th October, with a Stateside release the following week!

2009 mark Christian Sellers' debut as a screenwriter with the horror comedy The Matriarch: Granny's Revenge.  Directed by Kemal Yildirim and Jason Impey, and produced by Gorezone Magazine's Bryn Hammond and Mark Bennet (The Summer of the Massacre), the story is a sequel to the 1995 low budget horror The Granny, directed by Ghoulies' Luca Bercovici.

Six teenagers arrive at an old abandoned house with car trouble and stumble upon a legend of a family who poison the Granny in order to collect the insurance. While she was on her death bed, she drank an eternal life potion and returned to the land of the living. She went on a mission to wreak havoc over her greedy relatives and murdered them one by one. Foolishly, the group decide to stay but, once the clock strikes midnight, Granny will return and all Hell will break loose!

Gorezone Magazine presents

The Matriarch: Granny's Revenge

Directed by Kemal Yildirim and Jason Impey

Written by Christian Sellers

Produced by Bryn Hammond, Mark Bennett and Christian Sellers

Starring Nick Wolanski

Visit the official MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/matriarchgrannysrevenge

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